Published: 13th July 2010
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Many chronic disorders share the identical symptoms of zinc deficiencies. This is particularly the case with disorders of the connective tissues. Could it be a possibility that zinc deficiencies are overlooked and that we are misdiagnosed with disorders that are often attributed to genetic causes. The symptoms of zinc deficiency include unexplained weight loss, hypogonadism in males, dwarfism, delayed puberty, rough skin, poor appetite, mental lethargy, slow healing of wounds, short stature, diarrhea, striae (stretch marks), poor immune system, acne and macular degeneration. Several other symptoms exist, which shows the importance of this mineral in our diet.

It is interesting to know that gymnasts, especially female gymnasts have particularly low levels of zinc. Hyper mobility, delayed puberty and scoliosis are experienced in high rates in rhythmic gymnasts. Research on monkeys showed that there could be a link.

We all know that oysters are used as an aphrodisiac, but why is that? Oysters have higher zinc content than any other food and helps with the functioning of the male sex organ and with reproductive fluids. As children reach puberty, their needs for certain nutrients increase. Since sperm contains high levels of zinc, males require more zinc. It is required in both males and females to support development of sexual organs. A deficiency during this critical stage of development could result in pectus carinatum, pectus excavatum, two chest deformities as well as stretch marks and other deficiency symptoms.

Skin and connective tissue disorders are often diagnosed by symptoms such as frequent infections, reduced collagen, delayed healing of wounds, hyper mobile joints, scoliosis, stretch marks and other symptoms. In truth, many of these disorders may be more related to and can be treated with zinc supplements.

It is a very important mineral, which is present in every cell of your blood cells, retina, pancreas, liver, kidneys and bones. In men, the prostate has high concentrations too. More than 200 enzymes contain the mineral, which is required to replace itself and divide when the body makes new tissues.

Sufficient zinc will activate white blood cells, which fight infections. It also boosts the immune system to protect you from viruses. White blood cells assist with healing of wounds. Men require sufficient zinc to keep their prostate gland healthy and to produce sperm. Diabetics can benefit from zinc supplements as it helps keep sugar levels steady and helps insulin production in the pancreas. A lack may result in insulin resistance.

Zinc supplements help scholars to attain better grades, as it is an essential mineral for good memory. It can be helpful in attention deficit disorder or reduced learning ability. It is essential in preventing childhood infections and diarrhea and it supports the normal development and growth of children.

Research by the United Nations University concluded that up to 20% of people around the world are experiencing deficiencies of this essential mineral.

A diet with sufficient zinc is not enough to sustain healthy levels thereof. Several medications can deplete the stores of the body. Hormone replacement therapy, the Pill, and osteoporosis prophylactics can all prevent sufficient absorption of several nutrients. People who take the Pill or HRT, epileptics, diabetes and heart patients all need to take zinc supplements. Supplements such as calcium and magnesium supplements may even interfere with zinc absorption.

Too much zinc will result in slow absorption of copper. The daily recommended average of zinc supplementation is 15 mg. A small daily supplement will go a long way to providing you with what you need in a small daily dose. It has a slight metallic taste and if you cannot taste it, you do not have to take it. It is important to find a good quality zinc supplement, preferably one that is in a liquid ionic state to ensure that you get the best most absorbable form of zinc. You can only use what you can absorb after all.

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