Magnesium oil and Magnesium Tablets - the difference

Published: 14th September 2011
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Comparing magnesium oil and magnesium tablets can be tricky for someone who is new to the wonderful world of minerals. In a word, it is believed that magnesium oil is better than taking the mineral in tablet form. Experts in the field feel that the benefits of oil far outweigh those of tablets.

Using magnesium in tablet form does not give as many benefits as the oil does. There are many benefits to magnesium oil that you can benefit from. Tablets do not get absorbed into the body as effectively as the pharmaceutical companies would have consumers believe. In fact most of the nutrition in the tablets does not even make its way into the body. Effectively this means that consumers are actually pouring much of the tablet down the toilet.

In truth, magnesium oil is not really oil, it is referred to as oil because it has the same texture as other body oils. Thankfully though, there is no residue when someone smears magnesium oil onto his or her body. Rubbing the magnesium oil onto the body is beneficial as it is quickly absorbed into the body and most of the supplement actually benefits the body unlike the tablet form. Pretty much all of the oil is absorbed directly into the bloodstream and this is where oil has a massive edge over magnesium in tablet form. Tablets also have to be digested and magnesium in particular does not digest well. It actually gets expunged from the body quicker than it can get absorbed into the body. Oil, on the other hand gets absorbed very quickly into the bloodstream and it is then able to perform its task of making the body healthy.

It is worth understanding that many people in the West are actually magnesium deficient despite the fact that they do not feel unwell. Magnesium is a very important mineral that the body depends upon to perform important functions. Unlike vitamins, the human body is unable to produce minerals. Therefore humans need to take magnesium supplementation so that their bodies are able to perform properly. People not be fooled into thinking that just because they feel fine that they are actually in good health.

Over time, the body will begin to function less properly and at some point illness and disease begins to set in. Side effects of this can be anything from mild to severe. Mild symptoms of magnesium deficiency include cramps and headaches and the more severe consequences of magnesium deficiency include insomnia and heart problems among many other side effects.

Certain quarters of the health care industry are of the belief that if people consumed enough magnesium then heart attacks would become a thing of the past. The biggest role that magnesium plays in the body with respect of the heart is that it helps muscles to relax. As we know the heart is a muscle and it makes sense that the heart must be allowed to relax in between working hard to keep the body alive. If the heart does not relax properly then it is unable to contract properly and this is when people suffer from heart attacks.

While magnesium tablets are not entirely useless, they are certainly less effective than oil. It is understandable that some people are unable to make the mind shift that applying magnesium topically is more effective than orally ingested magnesium. Research has shown that topically applied magnesium is far more beneficial than orally ingested magnesium.

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