Fulvic Trace

Published: 20th April 2010
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Fulvic Trace is a highly concentrated mixture of all the minerals and trace elements found in a variety of plants. These plants, all organic, were buried and compressed millions of years ago. Through natural processes, these fruits and vegetables slowly convert to fulvic. Fulvic is derived from sources deep underground, where they have lain for millions of years, and are therefore in their purest form possible.

Fulvic is not just another mineral. The unique combination which makes up fulvic actually amplifies the chemical reactions in the body, causing great synergy. On its own, fulvic is still quite spectacular. It spreads throughout the body, boosting the immune system to work at its optimal level. Fulvic balances hormones and banishes cancer-causing free radicals. As it moves throughout the body, fulvic not only oxygenates cells and chelates minerals for absorption, but also picks up and eliminates harmful toxins.

Fulvic will also act as a super-antioxidant-much stronger than vitamin E. It energizes cells, acting to change the metabolism. Nutrients which come into contact with fulvic remain active and useful to the body for much longer than if they had not.

Scientists, though certain of the effects of fulvic, are not entirely sure how fulvic works. Fulvic is so complex that scientists can neither explain it nor reproduce it.

Natural, ionic fulvic can be used in the body with no further aid. It doesn't matter if you have digestion problems, or if your body is acidic, or if your body doesn't metabolize properly. Fulvic can overcome all of these obstacles! Ionic fulvic is immediately utilized in the body.

Fulvic enhances enzyme production; fulvic changes the pH levels to a more alkaline state; fulvic boosts energy by enhancing oxygenation; and it doesn't stop there!

When fulvic meets another nutrient in the body, it breaks down that nutrient into an ion, the smallest possible form. Your body can much more easily utilize an ion than, say, an atom. Fulvic does not just break down the nutrient, however; it also carries it past the cell membrane and into the cell to be used.

Fulvic is a great addition to your supplement routine. It enhances absorption of all other nutrients while simultaneously working wonders for your body.

Fulvic must unfortunately be taken as a supplement. You may wonder why, especially considering that it is a derivative of organic plants. Shouldn't you, by consuming organic plants, be getting the fulvic you need? Sadly, the plants consumed today have much less nutritional value than they used to. This is due to the fact that farmers no longer use crop rotation as they once did. By eliminating crop rotation, farmers are depleting the soil in which their crops grow. The plants, which get their nutrients from the soil, have become so nutrient deficient that they no longer supply us adequately. We are forced to use supplementation.

In nature, fulvic is used to dissolve minerals into ions so that they may be absorbed into the roots of plants and utilized. Once its first job is completed, fulvic is absorbed into the roots of plants along with the minerals. The plant is then saturated, not only with minerals, but also with the powerful fulvic.

Fulvic must be harvested from plants gently, using no harsh chemicals, high heat, or extreme pressure. The pH of fulvic must constantly be kept around 7.0. If precautions are not taken, the fulvic may be damaged, even to the point of losing its many benefits.

The body's optimum pH level is between 7.0-7.4. This would make the body neutral or very slightly alkaline. If the body is acidic, disease will reign and all systems will be weakened. In the body, fulvic balances and energizes cells to their normal chemical balance. In fact, fulvic renews cells to their former unspoiled potential. Thus all tissues, muscles, and organs are renewed by this fulvic.

Disease is believed to be prevalent today not because we are deficient in man-made chemicals, but in vitamins and minerals and other life-giving trace elements and nutrients. Once we restore our bodies by giving them what they need, we will be able to fight infection and disease.

Fulvic increases and enhances oxygenation. Metabolism of proteins in intensified by fulvic, and the pattern of metabolizing carbohydrates is changed. The immune system is boosted and its function is regulated by fulvic. Fulvic enhances enzyme development and enzymatic reactions in cells.

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